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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a newer modality of treatment for the management of many orthopaedic conditions including sport injuries…

Michael J. Carlson, MD heads the friendly team of orthopedic doctors in Provo, Utah instriving to deliver excellent patient care. From our extensive physical therapy to our comprehensive orthopedic surgeries, rely on us for your medical needs.

Our licensed team performs various procedures that address sports-related injuries, broken bones, joint pains, and other health issues related to the musculoskeletal system.

Apart from providing quality medical services, we also focus on your care and comfort. Our goal is to give youcompassionate care during your stay.

Comprehensive Services


Our practice renders surgical care for all elbow, shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, and sports injuries. We specialize in arthroscopic (minimally invasive) surgeries that help you get back in the game or simply improve your quality of life.

We provide non-and minimally invasivetreatment options (e.g., pain relief injections and physical therapy). Our practice will recommend surgery only if it is necessary.

Personalized Care


Patients receive comprehensive care customized to their unique needs. This begins with your first visit and continues throughout the treatment and aftercare. Our orthopedic surgeons in Provo, Utah offer long-term rehabilitation, advanced diagnostic tests, and support throughout the process.

Our Goal


The key to better patient service is to offer easy access to medical care. We provide excellent orthopedic procedures when you need it. In case of an emergency, we’ll refer you to a doctor immediately.

Whether you are suffering from a sports injury or joint pain, trust our Provo orthopedic surgeons to plot out a treatment plan that gets you back on your feet. Schedule an appointment today by calling (801) 373-7350.