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Central Utah Clinic

Central Utah Clinic has always been committed to providing patient care to residents in rural communities. In 1978, Central Utah physicians established partnerships with local clinics located across central Utah. Today Central Utah physicians continue to provide the latest care and treatments to patients in these areas.

Central Utah Clinic is comprised of over 160 physicians offering care in 20 specialties. Although Central Utah Clinic offers general medical care, the majority of its physicians are specialists. Central Utah physicians offer patient care in a number of specialties including adult and adolescent medicine; cardiology; colon and rectal surgery; critical care; dermatology and skin cancer; ear, nose and throat; endocrinology; gastroenterology; family medicine; infectious diseases; internal medicine; medical oncology; nephrology; neurology; orthopedics and sports medicine; plastic and reconstructive surgery; radiation oncology; radiology; and urology.

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