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Ankle Brostrom Reconstruction Post-operative Instructions


  • You may resume your regular diet. However, start slow with clear liquids and gradually work your way back to your normal diet. This will help prevent nausea and vomiting.

Ankle Care & Bathing

  • Use your crutches and do not place any weight on your operated leg! This is important!
  • Keep your ankle elevated above heart level as much as possible. This will prevent painful swelling and promote healing.
  • Keep your splint clean and dry all the time.
  • It is ok to shower or sponge bathe 2 days after surgery but you must keep your splint clean and dry at all cost! This usually entails wrapping your ankle in new plastic garbage bags to keep it dry.

Pain Medication

  • Take your pain medication as prescribed. This usually means 1 tablet every for 4 hours for mild pain or 2 tablets every 4-6 hours for severe pain. You may want to take it regularly for the first 48 hours after surgery. Do not take any additional Tylenol.
  • No driving while taking any narcotic pain medication!
  • The pain medication may cause some nausea so take it with some food.
  • The pain medication may also cause constipation so if you take it regularly, take a stool softener, fiber bar, Metamucil or prune juice to prevent constipation.

Follow-up Care

  • Watch for temperature > 101.5F, persistent numbness and tingling in the foot, persistent bleeding or drainage from the wound, foul odor, progressively worsening pain unresponsive to pain medication, blue toes, chest pain or difficulty breathing. If you have any of these symptoms, call the office if during normal business hours or go to the nearest emergency room!
  • If you do not have a postoperative appointment set-up already, please call the office to schedule an appointment for 7-10 days after surgery at (805) 578-8550 x 6879 or through the appointment desk at (818) 901-6600.