Rehab Knee Microfracture
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Rehab Knee Microfracture

Acute Phase I: (0-2 weeks)


  • Alleviate acute pain and swelling
  • Increase ROM
  • Increase hip, hamstring and quadriceps strength


  • NWB crutches for 6 weeks locked full extension
  • Passive ROM as tolerated
  • Begin isometric quad sets in full extension immediately
  • Aquatic therapy after incisions healed
  • Hamstring and gastroc stretching
  • Patellar mobilization
  • Hamstring and quadriceps co-contraction
  • 4-Quad (hip flexion, abduction, adduction, extension)
  • Modalities for pain and edema control

Sub-Acute Phase I: (2-6 weeks)


  • Decrease swelling
  • Increase ROM
  • Increase strength hip/knee
  • Improve general conditioning


  • Continue Phase I exercises
  • Begin closed kinetic chain exercises
  • Bicycle as tolerated
  • N-K for hamstrings only
  • ROM knee flex/ext as tolerated
  • Aquatic therapy
  • EMG Biofeedback
  • Assess for patellar taping benefit

Phase II: (6-12 weeks)


  • Promote independent ambulation w/o assistive device
  • Full ROM (pain free)
  • Increase functional strength


  • Continue Phase II exercises
  • Increase closed chain activities
  • Proprioceptive and balance training BAPS and trampoline
  • Retro ambulation
  • Calf and hip PRE’s
  • Muscle endurance activities
  • Functional closed chain exercises for static and dynamic patellar stabilization
  • Nordic track. Progress to Stairmaster/Versaclimber


Walking without crutches approximately 6-8 weeks after surgery.

Back to work within 3-4 months following surgery if laborer, desk type work may return 2-3 weeks following surgery.

Progress back to sports after 3-4 months