Rehab Shoulder Small Complete RTC Tear
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Rehab Shoulder Small Complete RTC Tear

Phase I: (0-6 weeks)


  • Protect surgery
  • Decrease pain and inflammation
  • Increase pain free ROM
  • Patient education


  • Ultra sling (0-6 weeks): Sling is off while sitting and with exercise after 2 weeks
  • Hand, elbow, wrist exercises immediately post-op in sling
  • Cervical spine stretches
  • Modalities PRN
  • Scapular mobilization and muscle tone
  • Thoracic mobilization
  • Aquatic Therapy once incisions healed (2 weeks)
  • Pendulums activities/can AAROM(avoid flexion 1st three weeks)
  • PROM (flexion to 90°, abduction to tolerance – being cautious with this movement, Isometric IR/ER at end phase I

Phase II (6-12 weeks)


  • Control pain and inflammation
  • Continue to work on ROM near end of phase I
  • Begin/increase strengthening
  • Home Exercise Program


  • Modalities PRN
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Scapular and glenohumeral joint mobilizations
  • Gradual RTC IR/ER and supraspinatus strengthening with theraband
  • Gentle deltoid strengthening when RTC is good
  • Advance scapular stabilization strengthening
  • Advance phase I strengthening
  • Begin UBE mid phase II